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Rhemes Notre Dame 
11010 Aosta
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The building, which was inaugurated in 1930, was realized by the Italian Alpine Club of Turin, in memory of Gian Federico Benevolo, a mountaineer who had died in 1927 on Bionassay pass (Mont Blanc).

In the last years of World War II, it was seriously damaged by the Nazi-Fascist armies.

The Gian Federico Benevolo mountain hut was firstly built in the 1920s and conceived as a shelter for alpinists. As a matter of fact it is equipped with small rooms and limited common areas, typical features of a historic mountain hut where the daily routine includes guests sharing the indoors. The balanced use of energy, infrastructure and space is a mixture that contains the impact of our mountain hut in a high mountain environment.

In 2012 the owner changed and in 2013 the renovations started in order to furnish our mountain hut with toilets and fee-paying showers. Some other renovations and maintenance works are carried out during the closing periods to avoid inconveniencing our guests.