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Località Lavassey,
Rhemes Notre Dame 
11010 Aosta
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The Gian Federico Benevolo mountain hut is situated at the end of Rhêmes Notre Dame valley at the border with the Gran Paradiso National Park.

The area where the mountain hut stands is amazing all year round thanks to the variety of the landscape and the several opportunities of excursions hikers are given. Its strategic collocation makes it the perfect destination for a summer walk with breathtaking waterfalls and blooming meadows where groundhogs lie in the sun.
Furthermore in spring the area is one of the most interesting ones in the Alps for the wide spectrum of paths that can be covered with the equipment of ski touring.


Opening period SPRING 2024: 02/03 – 5/05

Opening period SUMMER 2024: 15/06 – 15/09