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Its strategic collocation makes it the perfect destination for one-day walks or as a shelter for longer excursions to the nearby lakes, passes and mountains. You can stay overnight and the following day hike to the Goletta or Tsanteléina lakes, the Bassac Pass, the Traversière peak, Basei pass and its peak, just to name some of the several options you are given from our mountain hut.

In addition Gian Federico Benevolo mountain hut is a stage of the “Haute Route Glacière” and of the various routes that can be covered crossing the Grand Paradiso and the French valleys.

How to reach Gian Federico Benevolo mountain hut from Thumel:

  • path: 13 – level of difficulty E– difference in height: 437 m – estimated time: 1h30

Points of interest of about 1h walk from the mountain hut: itineraries suitable for children

  • Plan des Dames: it’s a characteristic place which is situated in the natural amphitheatre of the valley facing mountains and glaciers.
  • The Basey-Damon Barn: it’s a typical stone barn which is completely underground. The shepherds of the past knew how to built a perfectly disguised barn with the surrounding environment.
  • Tzet Village and Sauches Mountain Pasture: the remains of an old village at the feet of Granta Parey. The ruins of a chapel can be seen there. In 2014 Roman ceramic ruins were found, to witness the presence of human beings in this area who belonged to ancient times.

Shown below a list of the excursions that can be done from our mountain hut.

  • Goletta Lake 2,700 m above sea level.
    path: 13 D – difficulty: E – difference in height 438m – estimated time: 1h 30
  • Tsanteléina Lake 2,696 m above sea level
    paths 13 C and 13 D – difficulty E – difference in height 435 m – estimated time 1h 30
  • Tour du Truc de Tsantelèina
    paths 13 C and 13 D – difficulty E – difference in height 388 m – estimated time 1h 45
  • Bassac Déré Pass 3,085 m above sea level
    path 13 D – difficulty E – difference in height 891 m – estimated time 3h
  • North Bassac Pass 3,145 m above sea level
    path 13 D, 14 A and 14 – difficulty E – difference in height 1114 m – estimated time 3h 42
  • Basey Pass 3,160 m above sea level
    path 13 B – difficulty E – difference in height 879 m – estimated time 3h
  • Rosset Pass 3,023 m above sea level
    path 13 B, 13 A and 12 – difficulty E – difference in height 855 m– estimated time 3h
  • Traversière Peak 3.336 m above sea level
    path 13 D until Bassac Déré Pass – difference in height 1192 m – estimated time 3h 30
  • Basey Peak 3,338 m above sea level
    path 13 B until Basey Pass – difference in height 1,192 m – estimated time 3h45


E – hikers – hikes have moderate slopes and generally solid trail tread. They are often well maintained: walkers find cairns (a cairn is an artificial pile of stones erected as landmarks) or signs painted on rocks or trees to indicate the right way. Sometimes “E” trails can be hiked also if covered with snow, but only for moderate slopes. Specific hiking gear, orienteering abilities and long walk training are required.


EE – skilled hikers – Trails are often marked but orienteering skills are actually required: routes usually encounter slippery grassy slopes, short sections of scree (small loose rocks on average angle slopes). Rock outcrops can usually be negotiated without the use of hands, but sometimes hikers could have to climb short rock bands requiring use of hands.

Scrambling does not usually require specialized climbing equipment or skills, but hikers can meet with short and easy equipped stretches of trail. Alpine experience, firm and steady step are required. Hikers may also be exposed to heights and have to be trained for a whole day walk.